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Master Classes

A Week of Intensive Classes & Musical Training
03 - 10 July 2021
09:00 am

Master-classes for violin, viola, cello and piano in the vibrant atmosphere of Limassol, Cyprus with internationally renowned pedagogues.

Students will receive valuable guidance and lasting inspiration with the prime objectives to:


  • identify and promote talented musicians of all ages and standards

  • improve instrumental and practice techniques

  • encourage individual artistry

  • nurture good musical interpretation

  • help develop lasting partnerships between classical music and communities

  • promote cultural understanding, interaction and respect among all participants

  • prepare for individual performances

About Cultural Cross Roads

What is Cultural Cross Roads?

Passion - Classical Music - Master Classes by internationally known professors. The Crossroad of Culture and Civilization where Musical Events retain their glory and prestige. For one week Limassol, will be filled with the sounds of classical music performed by young artists from all over the world  passionate to learn, share and perform classical music in the beauty of nature.

The Cultural Cross Roads Festival's aim is to bring together young, enthusiastic and eager to learn musicians and uniting them with the dedication and passion of highly respected educators, all with their own impressive international careers.



Proud to bring inspirational Music Professors from across the globe

The International Academy of Classical Music will offer great opportunities for students, especially gifted Cypriot students, who will be able to study with international artists/professors, and exchange ideas and experiences with their peers from abroad. 

Wolfgang Schroeder

Wolfgang Schroeder

Director of Cultural Cross Roads  Violinist

Paul Cortese

Paul Cortese


Christoph Declara

Christoph Declara


Erich Oskar Huetter

Erich Oskar Huetter



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